Monday, December 18, 2006


Here is a closeup of Cinnamon. He was sitting on the screened in porch, with a southern exposure, so the sun was shining in. I was glad to not use flash because natural light always makes the fur seem softer and makes the eyes stay more widely open.


Here is Cinnamon at 5 months. He loves to PLAY. (I know that cats don't really fit the topic of woodland spring, but it's winter and just felt like posting this recent shot of my little boy.)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Winter Stream

This was a fun shot I got of the snowy rocks in a stream back in February 2006 in the mountains of southern Virginia. I worked hard to figure out what framing of the photo would work best. I deleted a lot of the shots that seemed too boring, too asymmetric, or too "orderly." This turned out to be my favorite shot of the day.

Upper Peninsual Michigan Summer

Here is an interesting shot in which I included reeds and the distant trees, along with the fog, which set a nice mood for this sunrise shot. I got this shot at Seney National Wildlife refuge during a Rod Planck photography workshop. To see more shots from my summer trip to UP Michigan, please check my website for a collection of photos from the UP workshop at Seney.

This is one of my favorite sunrise shots at Seney National Wildlife Refuge in UP Michigan. I got this shot while taking a Rod Planck photography workshop with three of my favorite photographer friends. It was August 31, 2006.

Here are some reeds in a pond, which I found August 28th in Seney National Wildlife Refuge in the UP Michigan. Both the reeds and reflections of clouds add an interesting pattern to this frame.