Sunday, July 29, 2007

Purple Coneflower

Here is a purple coneflower that I found the other day. It was partly cloudy, so I played around with the light a bit. Though this shot doesn't show it, I like shots where the sun is partly diffused and little bits of sunshine gets through. For this shot, the cloud pretty much blocked the sun.


This is a tighter cropping of the horizontal closeup below. I think I like this one best because it seems more simple and has fewer distractions around the edge of the frame.


I photographed a bunch of chrysanthemums the other day. My goal was to fill the frame with flowers, as shown in the third of these three shots. But after thinking about the image, I decided that I would try again--on a rainy day, which explains the rain drops on the first two pictures. I did some vertical shots and also some horizontal. I settled on my two favorite shots, only to discover that I had pretty much isolated the same blossom but in two different directions. The first and second shot shown here are complete different attempts, separated by at least ten minutes time. It was pretty funny when I realized that my two favorite shots were actually pretty much the same shot.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


I don't usually photograph cultivated plants, but I decided that this summer I would give it a try. Here are a couple shots of the gladiolus in my front yard. It had rained earlier that day, and it was rather calm, so I was able to get some pretty crisp shots with rain drops. I tried some wider shots, but decided the close up shots were best.