Saturday, June 02, 2007


I found this newt yesterday after photographing a waterfall. I was walking along the trail and couldn't help but see the BRIGHT orange "lizard shaped thing" in the middle of the trail. I stopped to set up the tripod and put the 200 mm micro lens on my D200 camera body. As I prepared to photograph the newt, I was pleased to see that the newt crawled up on a nice smooth gray rock. It was a much better background than the twig-cluttered dirt on the trail. But yes, the newt is on a rock in the woods, not a step. As I continued to work, the newt continued to move, but slowly. My exposures were in the 4 second range, so I was glad that the newt was taking his/her time. By the time I finished up, the newt was safely OFF the trail.