Thursday, November 16, 2006

Upper Peninusula of Michigan (August)

I love this dew-covered spider web, which I found in a bog in Seney National Wildlife Refuge in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I used my 200 mm Nikon micro lens so that I could really zoom in on this shot and throw the background out of focus. I think this shot was my best spiderweb shot of the week. The wind was just starting to pick up, so shortly after I got this shot, it was too late to try and get more. To see this photo and many others from my recent trip to the UP of Michigan, please check this link

Here is a foggy sunrise scene at Seney National Wildlife Refuge in the upper peninusla of Michigan. Was there in late August, attending a photography workshop with a few of my friends. The funny thing about this photo, which is actually one of my favorites, is that I "snapped" this one with one of those relatively cheap "point and shoot" cameras. It was supposed to be just a joke!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Clingman's Dome (in the Smokies) Oct 2006

Here is general scenic shot that shows the mood of the day on top of Clingman's Dome, Oct. 23, 2006. It was foggy (in the clouds) with flurries, as well as very windy and cold. The frost stuck to the needles of spruce trees, as shown in a variety of shots below. I hope you enjoy these shots that I got during my recent (and all too brief) trip to the Smokies.
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Though it was mostly a foggy and overacast day at the top of Clingman's Dome (on Oct 23, 2006), I caught this shot showing just a little bit of blue sky, thanks to a break in the clouds. There were a few breaks in the clouds and they moved by pretty fast. After one snap of the shutter, the sky turned gray again. It was so cold and windy, no wonder the clouds were moving fast.

This shot sets the mood for the day, at least somewhat. You can see the frost covered trees. I waited for a lull in the wind, however, so it's hard to imagine how much the wind pelted flurries in my face and froze my finger tips as I tried to photograph the beautiful scenery. Still, I will not complain. I felt lucky to catch this type of weather since I was only in the Smokies for a few days. This was a wonderful, mostly overcast, freezing cold and windy day with lots of neat frost, fog, and snow at higher altitudes and lots of beautiful fall color at lower altitudes. I got this shot in the morning of Oct 23, 2006.

Here is one of my favorite semi-closeup shots of frost-covered spruce branches on Clingman's Dome (in the Smokies) on Monday, Oct 23, 2006. It was COLD and WINDY up there but it was also beautiful. The next few shots all show different perspectives of the exact same tree, which was located near the Clingman's Dome parking lot.

Here are some frost-covered spruce needles, neatly arranged along the branch. I love the repeition.

Here is an extremely closeup shot of the frost on the tips of the spruce needles.

Here is a wider view of the branch shown above.

Mountain Lake

Here I am photographing a landscape from Bald Knob at Mountain Lake, Virginia. My assistant took this photo of me using a Nikon Coolpix "point and shoot." Not bad. It was a cloudy day with a little bit of texture to the sky. I was very excited to find Mountain Ash (see red berries in the distance at the edge of the cliff) and also Witch hazel (not shown) in bloom!
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