Monday, November 23, 2009

Mt LeConte Sunset (one year ago)

About a year ago (plus five days) from today, I hiked to the top of Mt LeConte (in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park) for the first time and stayed overnight in the lodge at the top. Wow, what a trip. The path was icy and very steep in some places but I kept going even though I knew there was some risk of slipping and falling. I survived the trip just fine and really enjoyed my stay at the top of Mt LeConte overnight at the Mt LeConte Lodge. Here are pictures from that trip including the sunset at the top, some of the buildings of the lodge just past sunset, and also an icicle I found on the way up. It was five miles up and five miles back, and took pretty much a whole day in each direction (due to photo stops and ice) but worth it.

Point Poipu in Kauai

I went to Hawaii recently and visited a couple of the islands. I enjoyed the western isalnd of Kauai because there was lots of nice scenery. Here is a view of the coastline near where I stayed. This is toward the south eastern edge of the island. The sun was setting behind me and had just dropped below a hillside.